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By Kristin Miller

Congratulations! both one or either one of your mom and dad has vampire blood. Welcome to the vampire race! Please maintain a couple of issues in brain as you ease into the main tricky section of your lifestyles: 1. mild sensitivity, buzzing enamel, and abdominal pains are thoroughly basic. You’ll even be quicker, superior, and attractive as hell (if you’re lucky). 2. You’ll bloodlust and move loopy for those who deny your body’s urge for blood. Why struggle it? three. don't pierce the outside of a secular involuntarily. We’re now not animals and won't behave as such. four. Therians, our shapeshifting brethren, can't be relied on. Their loyalties shift as usually as their identities. and eventually, five. Lighten up—you’re now not useless. touch Dylan, proprietor of ReVamp, in purple Bay, California, for additional info.

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Pity? “Looks like it’s a mundane neighborhood. No vampire activity. No khisses for a twenty-block radius. Sounds kind of fishy that she’d live in that kind of subdivision. ” A quiet voice in the back of Dylan’s mind warned that she should keep her distance. She’d known about Ruan’s feelings since the Court designated him as her protector a little over two years ago. Although she’d tried to get him reassigned, their stand-in Primus had denied the request, stating Ruan was best suited for the job.

Ruan’s jaw pulsed in time with his foot. ” Cobwebs cluttered Dylan’s thoughts, making her brain sticky with confusion. ” How could being drained within an inch of your life be pleasurable? ” Ruan took the chair from a neighboring desk and straddled it backwards, dwarfing the tiny metal backrest. ” He was right. Once the Primus selected a khissmate to complete the Valcdana, it was an honor—a duty that couldn’t be turned down. Though who would want to anyway? Becoming haven royalty was something everyone dreamed of, no matter the pain involved.

Now, more than ever, she needed that side of him to shine through. There was no one else she could turn to. She rubbed the heels of her hands over her eyes and took a deep breath. “A client came in.  . he opened the doors into the sunset. ” She could still feel waves of heat rippling across her skin. ” Ruan practically jumped off his knees and stormed through the swinging doors into the lobby. He was a pissed-off whirlwind with hands clenched into fists and a fan of blonde hair flipping behind him.

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