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By Claudia Gray

Bianca will chance every little thing to be with Lucas. After escaping from Evernight Academy, the vampire boarding university the place they met, Bianca and Lucas take safe haven with Black go, a fanatical crew of vampire hunters. Bianca needs to cover her supernatural historical past or danger sure loss of life at their arms. but if Black go captures her friend—the vampire Balthazar—hiding is not any longer an alternative. quickly, Bianca and Lucas are at the run back, pursued not just via Black go, yet via the robust leaders of Evernight. but irrespective of how a long way they commute, Bianca cannot break out her future. Bianca has constantly believed their love may live to tell the tale something . . . yet can it live on what is to come back?

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Then quickly, I realized that I knew the man across the street. I knew him from my dream the night before. It came back to me now in more detail: I’d been with Lucas in a movie theater, the kind of dream that’s half a memory—in this case, of our first date. But the theater wasn’t rich and plush any longer. It was run-down and littered, the seat upholstery ripped and the screen empty of any image. I had been looking around wildly for Lucas, and instead I had seen this man, the one with the reddish-brown dreadlocks.

His kisses were so far away; they were a memory almost too beautiful to belong to my real life any longer. “What are we going to do? ” “Yeah. ” At first I couldn’t believe I’d heard him correctly. Of course, I had drunk Lucas’s blood before—twice, so far. Both times, the experience had been intense, to say the least. Drinking blood was sensual, even sexual. I’d only ever drunk the blood of one other guy, Balthazar, and that was the closest I’d ever come to making love. But what happened between Balthazar and me was purely physical.

Oh, no. ” His voice was slurred. ” I sat up and pressed two fingers to his throat. His heartbeat was steady, if rapid. I hadn’t gone too far, but I could have. I knew the danger even if he didn’t. “We can’t do this again,” I said, as I cradled his head in my lap. His shoulder oozed a few trickles of blood, but I resisted the urge to lick his skin. “We’re going to find another solution, and soon. ” Lucas’s lopsided smile made my stomach flip-flop in the best possible way. ” There was a time when it would have thrilled me to hear him say that.

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