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He had often described the safe in Chazz's bedroom, where he kept the valuables. She hoped the gremlinlike little man wouldn't get into trouble because he had tried to give Teel a chance to pretend to be a gem-laden lady. She knew she couldn't wear the jewels and maintain her pose as a nun, but she laughed out loud to think what her fellow schoolteachers would say. They had never seen their director in anything so exotic. Teel laughed to herself as well as she twirled in front of the mirror. A sense of freedom and abandon made her feel lightheaded.

She tilted her head as the high cheek bones, chiseled chin, hawklike nose, and dark hair of the young boy depicted in the painting all seeped into her consciousness. "You! " she accused him, as if he had bought his place in the painting. " Teel closed her eyes, then looked blankly from him to the painting, and from the painting to him. Chazz put his arm around her waist. "She and I were staying at my place on Martha's Vineyard when a sperm whale beached itself. Some of the locals and I struggled for hours to get the animal into deeper water.

She cleared her throat and opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly his tongue was there, moistening her dry lips and entering her mouth like a brand. Against her will, her eyes fluttered shut. She felt hot, stinging bites on her neck that came lower and lower. Her skin caught fire, and her flesh seemed to curl in the heat. She tried to protest, tried to fight the heat, but all that came out was a groan. Instead of pushing Chazz away, her hands clasped his waist as his hands and mouth made sensual forays over her body.

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