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By Hugh Nibley

Dr. Hugh W. Nibley, professor emeritus of historic scriptures at Brigham younger college, gave the subsequent twenty-six lectures in an honors classification at the Pearl of significant fee. This classification was once videotaped within the Maesar construction in the course of wintry weather semester 1986 and the textual content used to be then transcribed and is incorporated right here during this ebook.

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Every time the school, that is the latest science of the time, changed its opinion, the theologians would change theirs to match it. It has been going on ever since then. So the teachings of the schools were completely dominated by rhetoric. Anciently, they were the schools of rhetoric. Success schools, business schools, is what they all turned out to be. That's another story, but it's a very important one. Now the first casualty of this loss, of course, was literalism, given rights in the decline and fall.

Was there anything before the earth? Notice he goes into questions of cosmology from questions that seem to be theology. But if you are going to live hereafter, this is literalism. It has to be literal, first of all. He is going to tell us that the doctors of the church could give him beautiful allegories, but that didn't mean a thing. As the first apologist of the church says, "You use these things, but to us Christians they mean nothing. " What was the world, and what was there before it? It must pass away too if it was created out of nothing.

You are not supposed to destroy a text of the Old Testament, the holy writings. The copies were used in the synagogues, and when they were used up and worn out they had to be replaced. But you could never write a word from memory. You had to copy down exactly as it was there word for word. So it was actually the continuation of the same manuscript. There was no loss whatever. But what would you do with the old manuscript? It couldn't be burned. It couldn't be thrown away. It couldn't be cut up.

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