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This publication represents the sum of Dr. Kopec's total efforts to aid chessplayers comprehend and procure the data essential to in achieving chess mastery. Dr. Kopec and Hal Terrie have produced a booklet so as to without doubt strengthen the technological know-how of chess.

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This chess booklet describes the equipment hired by means of the world's number 1 coach, who's a Soviet overseas grasp, dependent upon his event of educating a lot of contemporary prime Grandmasters, together with Gary Kasparov. There are questions and routines to check the reader's knowing during the ebook.

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Kg2 Now he carries his passivity a bit too far. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/August%201997/kar... 7/8/2004 Karpov On The Net! Bb5! here to threaten Rc2-c6 offering the exchange of rooks which if allowed would secure the draw for White. Kg2 g5 The kingside majority is set in motion. Kf1 Rh6 A little probing now before the kingside pawn break with f5-f4. Kg2 f4 Due to his previous passive play, White is faced with difficult choices. f3!? but of course this would give Black other possibilities to exploit his advantages.

Nd2 f5 Black has secured the initiative and stands much better with his extra pawn. The position from Black's viewpoint is no longer concerned with defensive technique, but Karpov's technique for winning a won position is always worthy of close study, and this game is an exemplary case in point. Rc5 a4 Notice how Black has pushed his queenside pawns forward. Black's extra pawn lies on the queenside, and he gets these pawns advanced so that he will able to use the extra pawn. Nd4 Bd3 This is a superb redeployment of the Black bishop.

This cuts the connection and co-ordination of the White rooks. White is now forced to accept the offer of the a6-pawn, after which his rook is out of play. Qb2 Rfc8! Securing total control of the c-file. Qf2 and White obtains some counterplay can also be considered. Bxb5? Nc3! Nxd1 and Black is better. Rd2? Ra8 Qxg2+! Rxf1 R8c2 and Black wins. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/September%201997/...

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