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Smith RM (1988) Supercritical fluid chromatography. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge 37. Wenclawiak B (1992) Analysis with supercritical fluids: extraction and chromatography. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg 38. Jinno K (1992) Hyphenated techniques in supercritical fluid chromatography and extraction. Elsevier, Amsterdam 39. Engelhardt H, Gross A (1991) Trends Anal. Chern. e. it fills and takes the shape of its container), which is not the case when it is in a liquid state (an incompressible fluid that occupies the bottom of its container).

8), helium (no. 7), xenon (no. 9), CClF3 (no. 32) and water (no. 5), as confirmed by the twodimensional diagrams. b) The critical values for inorganic solvents increase from hydrogen (no. 8) and helium (no. 7) to xenon (no. 9) and water (no. 5). c) The critical density of hydrocarbons is very similar, as is their critical pressure. On the other hand, their critical temperature increases markedly with increase in the number of carbon atoms. d) Fluorocarbon solvents have a similar critical density but a highly variable critical pressure and a generally high critical temperature that of CHF3 and CClF3 excluded.

Continuous leaching systems are characterized by the fact that the extracting phase is flowed through the solid sample, which can be heated or subjected to ultrasound. For various reasons, the separation is occasionally performed while the flow of dissolving phase is stopped; more often than not, though, the extracting phase is kept in motion throughout the process. As can be seen in Fig. 8C, there are two general ways of performing continuous leaching; (a) by having fresh extracting phase permanently pass through the sample; and (b) by recirculating a fixed volume of extracting phase in a closed-open circuit furnished with suitable propulsion system and valves.

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