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By Michael Fordham, Rosemary Gordon and Judith Hubback (Eds.)

Divided into elements, the 1st makes a speciality of theoretical options with certain connection with the constitution of the psyche, whereas the second one comprises extra medical fabric. either exemplify the London Society's curiosity in adolescence and the improvement of principles in regards to the use of reductive research in the Jungian framework

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From the generalization deductions can then be drawn without reference to empirical material. If these deductions be found false when tested, the basic theory is not necessarily damaged. The following are clear advantages resulting from adhering to a theory of the self as the whole organism: 34 The empirical foundation in Jung's works ι . In describing the events as deintegration or disintegration of a part of the whole we define a wholeness which can be in a state of integration, deintegration, or disintegration.

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