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The data found in the specialised bibliography indicate that Ks and Y decrease as the temperature increases, while the Kd coefficient of low-growth-rate cultures is little affected by temperature (Grady and Lim, 1980). 98 cal/mole · K) Tabs = absolute temperature (K) According to the experimental data available, µmax increases as the temperature rises, until a maximum growth value is reached. From this maximum value, µmax decreases quickly. 20) where: Knet = net growth rate K1 = bacterial synthesis rate K2 = bacterial decay rate As the temperature increases, the inactivation and denaturation of enzymes and proteins become very important, until the net growth rate reaches a maximum.

The pH shock had a short duration. The VFA concentration during the pH shock remained low. 1. 2. The pH rise was not significant. The pH shock had a short duration. Alkalinity and buffer capacity The buffer capacity can be understood as the capacity of a solution to avoid changes in the pH. A buffer solution consists of a mixture of a weak acid and its corresponding salt, thus enabling the grouping of the ions H+ and OH− and avoiding both the increase and the decrease of the pH. The following generic equations are applied: HA + H2 O ⇔ H3 O+ + A− KA = H3 O− .


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