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Carranza and L. Carranza . Black: JR. Capablanca and CM. Portela. Buenos Aires, 31 May 1911. Caro-Kann Defense. ) 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 3 Nc3 dxe4 4 Nxe4 Bf5 5 Ng3 Bg6 6 Bc4 e6 7 Be3 Nf6 8 Nle2 (Up to here White has followed a development similar to the one in the game played by Messrs Israel and Ponela. ) 8 . . Nbd7 9 0-0 Bd6 10 f4 (A very weak move which enables Black to obtain a strong attack. ) 10 . . Ng4 11 Qcll (11 B£! was preferable. The text move would appear to be fatal . ) 11 . . Nb6 (Black initiates a combination which is difficult but seems totally correct .

Murphey challenged Capablanca to mark a pawn and mate him with that piece . He agreed and marked the queen's knight pawn . By forcing through another pawn , making a queen, Capablanca succeeded without running into a stalemate in checkmating his opponent . [ Source : Nebraska State journal, 3 December 1909, page 7 . ) Two days later the same newspaper (page 6 ) reported that a pion coiffe game against another opponent was unsuccessful . One o f the few games given i n local newspaper columns w as the following , which appeared in The Topeka Daily StateJournal of 7 December 1 909 .

Ke6 45 c4 Re8 46 Ra7 and White would win the exchange. ) 45 h4+ Kh6 (If 45 . . Kg6 46 Ne7+ Kf6 47 Rfl . ) 46 Ne7 Rf8 47 Rdl Rf7 (Black is forced to give up the pawn. 47 . . Nc4 would not do, as White would simply move 48 Kf2, threatening 49 Rd4 winning. Lasker here gets out of a very tight place, on the face of it, it looks as if White should win. ) 48 Rxd6+ Kh7 49 Re6 Ng6 50 Rxg6 Rxe7 51 Rgc6 Rxc7 52 Rxc7+ Kg6 53 Rc6+ Kf7 54 Kf3 (Up to this point White has played the game well nigh perfectly, but has Schlechter really missed a chance here?

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