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By Peter W. Christensen

This booklet has grown out of lectures and classes given at Linköping collage, Sweden, over a interval of 15 years. It provides an introductory therapy of difficulties and techniques of structural optimization. the 3 uncomplicated sessions of geometrical - timization difficulties of mechanical constructions, i. e. , measurement, form and topology op- mization, are taken care of. the point of interest is on concrete numerical answer tools for d- crete and (?nite point) discretized linear elastic constructions. the fashion is specific and useful: mathematical proofs are supplied while arguments may be stored e- mentary yet are in a different way in basic terms brought up, whereas implementation information are often supplied. furthermore, because the textual content has an emphasis on geometrical layout difficulties, the place the layout is represented through always varying―frequently very many― variables, so-called ?rst order tools are valuable to the therapy. those tools are in response to sensitivity research, i. e. , on constructing ?rst order derivatives for - jectives and constraints. The classical ?rst order tools that we emphasize are CONLIN and MMA, that are in accordance with specific, convex and separable appro- mations. it's going to be remarked that the classical and often used so-called op- mality standards procedure can also be of this type. it may possibly even be famous during this context that 0 order equipment akin to reaction floor tools, surrogate types, neural n- works, genetic algorithms, and so on. , basically observe to sorts of difficulties than those handled right here and may be awarded in different places.

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Again, the density of bar 1 is increased. t. the constraints in (SO)5b nf . In Fig. 15, we see that the σ1 - and σ2 -constraints are active at the solution. This point has already been calculated for case c) as A∗1 F = σ0 √ 4+ 2 , 14 Fig. 15 Case d). Point A is the solution A∗2 F = σ0 √ 6 2−4 , 14 30 2 Examples of Optimization of Discrete Parameter Systems which gives the optimal weight F Lρ0 σ0 √ 6+5 2 . 7 C ASE E ) ρ1 = ρ3 = ρ0 , ρ2 = 2ρ0 , σ1max = σ3max = 2σ0 , σ2max = σ0 . t. the constraints in (SO)5b nf , see Fig.

The graph of a convex function thus lies on or below the straight line connecting any two points on this graph. For a strictly convex function, the graph lies strictly below the line, cf. Fig. 3. 38 3 Basics of Convex Programming Fig. 1 The function f : R → R, f (x1 ) = x12 is strictly convex, but f : R2 → R, f (x1 , x2 ) = x12 is only convex. The function f : R2 → R, f (x1 , x2 ) = x1 x2 is neither convex nor concave. By applying the definitions of convex sets and functions, one easily obtains the following lemma.

F 3 Maximization of ϕ for λ ≥ 0 yields √ 7F λ= √ . 22) gives the optimum solution as it is easily checked that the box constraints indeed are not active or violated. A final comment: in this problem the objective function is linear and thus convex, but not strictly convex. 14) is that xj → Lj (xj , λ) is still strictly convex since g1 in (P)2 is strictly convex and the corresponding Lagrangian multiplier λ > 0. 1 Show that problem (SO)3nf on page 17 and problem (SO)4nf on page 20 are convex. 5 is nonconvex.

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