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By Martin J. Wiener

An Empire on Trial is the 1st booklet to discover the difficulty of interracial murder within the British Empire in the course of its top - reading those incidents and the prosecution of such circumstances in every one of 7 colonies scattered in the course of the international. It uncovers and analyzes the tensions of empire that underlay British rule and delves into how the matter of preserving a liberal empire manifested itself within the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries. The paintings demonstrates the significance of the procedures of felony justice to the background of the empire and the benefit of a trans-territorial method of figuring out the complexities and nuances of its workings. An Empire on Trial is of curiosity to these inquisitive about race, empire, or felony justice, and to historians of contemporary Britain or of colonial Australia, India, Kenya, or the Caribbean. Political and postcolonial theorists writing on liberalism and empire, or race and empire, also will locate this booklet worthwhile.

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The first murder case at the Old Bailey with a lascar victim took place in the same year that Captain Barnes found himself imprisoned. Captain Horatio Walters, a 32-year-old American, was charged in 1874 with causing the death of three Indian seamen on a voyage from a Burmese port to London. He had had the men repeatedly beaten over a period of days with 29 30 R v Orr: The Times, 23 Mar. 1857, p. 11. In Liverpool in 1858 another captain and mate were charged with murder for kicking a Spanish seaman to death; convicted of manslaughter, the captain was given penal servitude for life and the mate one year’s imprisonment [Liverpool Mercury, 27 Mar.

The master was first tried for murder 33 R v Anderson, The Times, 4 Aug. 1882, p. 4; his inquest is recorded in NA, CRIM 1/16/1. ” In summing up in the second trial, Justice Day declared that a captain was not justified in inflicting punishment, qua punishment, on any seaman. Captains were allowed to use any amount of violence to protect the ship, the lives of the crew, the cargo, and the other interests intrusted to their charge. But that was a very different thing from punishing a man simply as punishment.

See also David Williams, “Mid-Victorian Attitudes to Seamen and Maritime Reform: The Society for Improving the Condition of Merchant Seamen, 1867,” in Merchants and Mariners: Selected Writings of David M. Williams, ed. Lars U. Scholl (London, 2000), 229–252. 30 An Empire on Trial a belaying pin, and sometimes did the beating himself, adding powerful kicks. ” But the Judge refused to accept this, noting that “the acts of violence to which the unfortunate men at length succumbed had been continuous, so far as he could see, and unjustifiable, at least to the extent to which they had been carried.

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