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Let the buyer beware. com Ames Lawn and Garden Tools Box 1774 Parkersburg, WV 26102 Phone: (800) 624-2654 or (304) 424-3000 Fax: (304) 424-3399 Buying a quality used ax at a secondhand store, flea market, or farm auction may be your best bet. Most used axes are also abused axes, but about 1 out of 10 is still usable. The price is usually right. Used axes can often be picked up for half the cost of a new ax. Look not only at the ax’s condition, but take the ax’s manufacturer and its head pattern into A Defective Axe will consideration.

Wipe the stone clean of these metal particles periodically and apply more oil or water. Water stones are quite a bit softer than oil stones and tend to cup and wear faster. The advantage of the water stone is that it rapidly puts a fine polished edge on your ax. Round artificial ax stones (Figure 69) are sometimes called pocket stones. I know of two types. The traditional type has both a coarse and a fine side and is about 1/2 inch thick. This traditional ax stone can be dangerous to use, because your fingertips are always in jeopardy.

The loggers. Library of Congress Card No. 75-24792. New York: Time-Life Books. 240 p.

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