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The second one revised version of this advisor, previously "Fieldings Amazon", with jungle treks, canoe journeys, jeep rides and cruises, in addition to trip within the towns of Belem, Manaus, and Santarem. large natural world sections, journey arrangements, healthiness issues, cultural features, eco-travel and old heritage are incorporated.

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Though these pajés were known to be deeply visionary, they were unfortunately unable to foresee their own imminent destruction by white invaders. Today the characteristic multi-ethnicity of the Brazilian people a mixture of Portuguese, African and Indian roots owes its origins to those early white colonists who mixed freely with the Indian population. Among the first white men the Indians encountered were often degredados exiled criminals ordered to live among the Indians and learn their language.

By the time the first Europeans arrived in the late 15th century, there were probably around six million native people scattered all over Brazil. Since the moment the New World was sighted, however, the Old World marched in mercilessly to conquer, subjugate and exploit; Page 9 neither human nor animal nor plant life were spared. Christopher Columbus' 1942 discovery of the Americas opened Pandora's box, and in 1493, a papal decree was already divvying up the world between the two major powers: Portugal received control of all territory east of the longitude line running through Cape Verde Island, while Spain retained the western half.

When the main trunk reaches the Brazilian border, it turns into the Solimões, a so-called ''white river," dense with silt and microorganisms, until it meets the darker and clearer Rio Negro. Long a point of fascination among visitors, the "dark" and ''light" rivers run parallel for several miles without mixing. They finally blend, forming the pale-brownish Amazon, which empties into the Atlantic. The term Amazonas refers to Brazil's largest state (of which Manaus is the capital), which is part of Amazônia, a vast basin of forests and wetlands occupying about half of the South American continent (75% of Brazil, as well as parts of Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, Guyanas and Colombia).

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