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Causes in regards to the differing kinds and reasons of dementia. support with the sensible problems with taking care of a person with Alzheimer's. information of the place to head for aid and recommendation at the criminal and monetary implications. tips on deciding upon a care domestic, what to appear for and the way to organize. solutions to questions about attainable remedies and examine for the long run.

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Now the doctor has prescribed me tranquillisers! What can I do? I f you are really worried, you should seek further advice. It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages. It is possible that you are right and your husband does have early Alzheimer’s disease. However, many people become more forgetful as they get older without this amounting to Alzheimer’s disease or progressing very much. Before visiting the doctor again, it would probably be worth keeping a diary of your husband’s symptoms.

T he term ‘senile dementia’ was formerly used when people ‘lost their memory’ at an older age. This loss of memory was thought to be part of the normal ageing process. However, it is now appreciated that most people do not develop dementia even at a great age. Most of what used to be called senile dementia was in fact Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the same disease at whatever age it occurs. In the past, however, a distinction used to be made on the basis of age.

In future, if better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease become available, there may be more point in having genetic tests if these become available. BRAIN SCANS My doctor has diagnosed my mother as having Alzheimer’s disease, but has not done a brain scan. Isn’t a brain scan necessary in every case? I n fact the usual type of brain scan (a CT scan, see below) is of limited use in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease and most other 50 | A LZH E I M E R’ S AN D O TH E R D E M E N TIAS dementias. All the brain scan is likely to show is some shrinkage of the brain, but this can occur in people who do not have dementia.

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