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Young People's Experiences of Loss and Bereavment

"This intellectually stimulating ebook demonstrates the authors are well-read and own dependent synthesizing abilities. . .. i discovered the authors to be clever and insightful and their presentation of principles advanced and balanced. " Omega: magazine of demise and loss of life "What it does super good, and, certainly, uniquely is offer a large and deep exploration of the broad, usually bewildering and conflicting, literature concerning the reviews of kids, loss and bereavement, drawing from it invaluable conclusions in addition to picking out gaps within the study, and pointing to attainable methods ahead.

Subtle Bodies: Representing Angels in Byzantium (The Transformation of the Classical Heritage)

Through the process Byzantine historical past, Christian doctrine taught that angels have a robust position in cosmology. It additionally taught that angels have been immaterial, bodiless, invisible beings. but when that have been the case, how may perhaps they be visualized and depicted in icons and different artistic endeavors? This ebook describes the recommendations utilized by Byzantine artists to symbolize the incorporeal kinds of angels and the rationalizations in protection in their representations mustered through theologians within the face of iconoclastic competition.

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