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By Hans Mueller, Adolf Pawelczak

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It’s been said that Alekhine and I played similar chess, except that he studied more. ” Tal was without alibis. Suffering from kidney problems during the second Botvinnik match, he was once asked whether he lost because of poor health. “I think that I lost to him,” he answered, “because he beat me! He was very well-prepared for the second match. ” After losing the title, Tal spent the remainder of his career making fitful attempts at programming himself “properly,” widening his style to encompass positional play.

40. 41. Bxh8 Bxa2 e3 a5 Bxd4 Nxd4 exd4 Bd6 d5 a4 Rc6 Bc5 Rc1 Bd4 R6c4 Bxc4 Rxc4 b5 Rxd4 a3 Rd1 b4 Ra1 Kd6 Kf1 Kxd5 Ke2, Black resigns. When all the historical dust has settled, Tal may finally be remembered as the dynamo who re-inspired the chess world. So many chessplayers derived so much pleasure from playing through his games that much of the chess world was encouraged to search more deeply and to play more adventurously. The exciting years of the 1950s and early 1960s when the Benoni, King’s Indian and Sicilian Defense came of age were the years when the play of Tal and Bobby Fischer became the images that so many tried to imitate.

Earning a mathematics doctorate in Max Euwe, Hastings 1949 1926, Dr. Euwe took up flying, boxing and swimming. Marriage, too. He fathered three daughters and wept inconsolably when one of them died relatively young. ” In chess Dr. Euwe is remembered as The Man Who Beat Alexander Alekhine, +9 -8 =13, for the world championship. The year was 1935. Dr. Euwe himself, though aware of his myriad contributions to chess, did not balk at the description, once remarking that no one could deny him the honor of having won a long match against the greatest attacking player in chess history.

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