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1989, 23, 4, 10411050. B. Ritov. Biochimia. 1979, 44, 1582-1593. H. Kim, and B. Antoniu. Methods Enzymol. 1988, 157, 469-480. L. Vekshin. Photonics of biopolimers. Springer “Biological and Medical Physics Series”. 2002. B. Ritov. Biochimia. 1971, 36, 393-399. In: Advanced Biologically Active Polyfunctional Compounds… ISBN 978-1-60876-114-2 © 2010 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Ed: N. Lekishvili, G. Zaikov and B. Howell Chapter 4 BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE MULTIFUNCTIONAL ADAMANTANE-CONTAINING COMPOUNDS Khatuna Barbakadze1, Nodar Lekishvili1, Zurab Pachulia1, Giorgi Lekishvili2, Badri Arziani2, Iuri Sadaterashvili1, and Davit Zurabishvili1 1 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University1 Tbilisi, Georgia 2 Tbilisi State Medicinal University2, Tbilisi, Georgia ABSTRACT New biologically active adamantane-containing anilides and nitroanilides have been synthesized and studied.

Can. J. , 1980, 58, 797–801. Wagner. Actomyosin as a Basic Mechanism of Movement in Animals and Plants. Physiol. 114-126. Yamamoto, S. Hamada, T. Kashiyama. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 1999, 56, 227–232. K. , Tazawa M. Chara. Plant Cell Physiol. 2006, 47, 10, 1427-1431. W. Chen, N. Kamiya. Cell. Struct. , 1975, 1, 1-9. N. Kamiya. Ann. Rev. , 1960, 11, 323–340. O. Bradley. J. Cell. , 1973, 12, 327–343. W. Chen. Protoplasma, 1973, 77, 427-435. -U. Koop, O. Kiermayer. Protoplasma, 1980, 102, 295-306. E. Williamson,.

Second: Ca2+-accumulating effectiveness must be decreased only for caffeine-sensitive FSR, because caffeine-insensitive FSR haven’t any RyR. Third: procaine or tetracaine and ruthenium red must block the influence of substance to the caffeine-sensitive FSR as for caffeine effects. The standard data of Ca2+-accumulating by FSR are shown at figure 2. The kinetic curves represent the recording of medium pH changes that correlated with Ca2+-accumulating process to the lumen of FSR with the aid of the Ca2+-ATPase Ca2+-pumping activity.

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