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Lots of bushes. ” Donnally offered a half smile. ” “But I’ll tell you something that may help. He liked to be called Rover, like a dog. You might have better luck asking for him by that name instead of Charles. ” Chapter 9 Donnally sat in his truck parked along the Embarcadero and watched the last of his digital photos download onto his laptop computer. In the previous two weeks he’d photographed nearly every homeless black male in San Francisco. He’d started at Golden Gate Park, then the skid-row, hotel-lined Tenderloin, and finally now along the waterfront.

I never found out what happened to her. He was raised by his grandmother in San Jose, but she’s long dead. ” Donnally stared out at the afternoon rush hour traffic creeping along the bridge crossing Salmon Bay, each driver heading toward a known destination. Finding Charles Brown would be just the opposite. He’d only know he’d arrived after he’d gotten there. He looked back at Katrisha. ” “The DA. ” She took a sip of coffee. “How was I supposed to know? I hadn’t seen him for years. And there was no way I was gonna let Charles find out where I moved.

And that single act had dispossessed him of his family, tormented his heart, and deprived him of the good death he deserved. Donnally stopped on the sidewalk and stared at the lake. He tried to imagine what Anna must have looked like as Mauricio walked her past their dead father’s body and out the door and toward the highway heading north. He struggled to force his mind to compose a picture of a tiny girl with brown skin and round cheeks and black hair and dark eyes, but all that appeared was the mournful face of his own older brother, fair and angular and framed by his marine dress blue tunic and cover, who’d been killed in Vietnam when Donnally was eight years old.

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