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By Mark Harvey

This grammar offers an outline of Limilngan, a formerly undescribed and now extinct language of northern Australia. Australian languages ordinarily convey a excessive measure of structural similarity to each other. Limilngan indicates a number of the universal Australian styles, yet in different parts it diverges considerably from them. It has a customary Australian phonological stock, bit its phonotactic styles are strange. a few heterorganic clusters corresponding to /kb/ are of markedly larger frequency than homorganic clusters similar to /nd/. Like a few Australian languages, Limilngan has many vowel-initial morphemes. notwithstanding, traditionally those end result from lenition and never from preliminary shedding as in different places in Australia.

Like many northern languages, it has complicated platforms of either prefixation and suffixation to nominals and verbs. Prefixation offers information regarding nominal category (four classes), temper, and pronominal cross-reference (subject and objects). Suffixation presents information regarding case, demanding and point. Limilngan differs from so much Australian languages in massive volume of its morphology is unproductive, displaying complicated and abnormal allomorphic variation.

Limilngan is like such a lot Australian languages in that it can be defined as a unfastened be aware order language. even if, observe order isn't without cost and strictly ordered phrasal compounding buildings are major (e.g. within the formation of denominal verbs).

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The penultimate stress in duwamngan may relate to considerations of vowel sonority. It is the only form in (2-59) where the second vowel is more sonorous than the first. Apart from the forms in (2-59), there are four trisyllables, where the second syllable has a singleton lateral , tap, or continuant coda. These four trisyllables have stress on the second syllable. mail)i] [rmall)ar] [rmIrmar] [lurIlmal] There are seven trisyllables, where the second syllable has a hetero-organic nasal coda. Four of these trisyllables have stress on the second syllable.

W-iny-an-bi [wlpanbi] 3I<2M-FU-hit 'You will hit him. ' Phonology c. ' 37 d. ' e. ' (2-74) w-anga-rr-w-a [wal)arwa] 3I<2A-AS-IRR-give ' You lot might give it to him. ' As i l lustrated, if the Future prefix, or the Irrealis prefix has a vowel, then that vowel bears the stress. In most other prefixing languages, it is the initial vowel of the prefix complex which bears stress in verbal words consisting of a disyllabic prefix complex and a monosyllabic verb. g. the paradigm of 'to get up' (Appendix D).

2). 38 Mark Harvey (2-77) a. maywilal mud 'mud' maywilal-ngan [maiwllal] [ maiwllall)an] mud-CHAR 'muddy' urlirliny-ngan b. urlirliny sick sick As shown in (2-77), stress placement in fonns involving the -ngan suffix is generall y that found with root-level suffixes. There is one problematic example (3-60), apparently involving the -ngan suffix, which does not show root-level stress placement. 3 Stress placement in words involving word-level suffixation In words involving word-level suffixation, the stem shows the same stress placement that it would if it occurred as an independent word.

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