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By John Huehnergard

Within the 3rd variation of A Grammar of Akkadian, adjustments were made within the part at the nom­i­n­al morpheme -ån (§20.2) and the sections at the that means of the D stem (§24.3) and the Gt stem (§33.1(b)); those revisions mirror contemporary scholarship in Akkadian grammar

Other alterations comprise minor revisions in wording within the presentation of the grammar in a number of different sections; a couple of new notes to a couple of the readings; additions to the glosses of a small variety of phrases within the lesson vocabularies (and the thesaurus and English Akkadian be aware list); and updates of the assets to be had for the examine of Akkadian, and of the bibliography.

A new appendix (F) has been extra, giving Hebrew and different Semitic cognates of the Akkadian phrases within the lesson vocabularies.

The pagination of the 1st and moment variants has for the main half been retained, except the insertion of the hot appendix and some minor deviations in different places.

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