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If now 10 Bxe7 Qxe7 1 1 Qa3 , Black has 1 1 . . Qf6. 1 0 Nb l·d2 Be7xa3 This exchange is quite playable now that White no longer has the maneuver Nxa 3·c2-e l-d 3 , which is such a problem against the " Stonewall" . , because of 1 6 Nxe4. With the text, Black re­ lieves his rook from defending the a-pawn. •. 16 Nd2-f3 This allows the opening of the f-file ; for this reason, 1 6 e3 was to be pre­ ferred. SS f5-f4 f4xg3 16 .... 17 Nel-d3 18 h2xg3 Now the weakness of f2 will delay White's occupation of e S .

C4 29 bxc Qb4 30 cS bxc 3 1 dxc RxcS 3 2 RxcS RxcS 3 3 Rb l Qxa4 3 4 Rb7+ I

S Bfl·g2 N g8- f6 so 6 �o 7 b2-b3 A year later 7 Nbd2 was shown to Bf8-e7 be stronger, but the text is also good. 1 .... �o 8 Bcl-a3 b7-b6 Trading bishops here (8 Bxa 3 ) would only expedite White's maneuver Nb l xa 3-c2-b4 (or e l ) -d3, as was played as long ago as my game with Ragozin (XI USSR Otampionship, Leningrad 1 9 3 9 ). •. 9 Ba3xe7 Qd8xe7 r n Nf3-e5 Bc8-b7 Nb8-d7 Nf6xd7 1 1 Nbl-d2 12 Ne5xd7 13 e2-e 3 If Black's pawn were on f7, the game would be even ; but here, despite all the foregoing simplifications, White maintains a small positional advantage precisely because that pawn is on fS : the weakness at e5 may count.

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