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Deleuze: 1994,81). This seems a difficult thing to grasp: what is this `pure past' and what is its significance? As we shall see, Deleuze delineates this pure past of memory as four paradoxes, drawn from the philosophy of Bergson. However, the initial thing to bear in mind is that Deleuze is not talking about a past made up of former presents actively remembered. A former present is only a representation in the present-present, the result of active former following the the present and the reflection above, a reproduction of synthesis, or, is heralding in thus the that then the constituted as passing: a present of present-present future.

For example, if we want to know dogs has the that this one physical characteristics of we might note a snub muzzle, about this one has black spots, this one has a long tail, etc. Such differences only exist in dogs One between (i. that to their of e. otherness), presupposes similarity. relation a for dog in because this the resulting a and an elephant way example compare would not, difference would tell us nothing useful about either. This is becausethey lack 10 difference is difference does On hand, that the not a real other unilateral similarity.

For Kant, it is a question of the a priori existence of time (Deleuze: 1994,86). This takes us back to the contracting of instances as a passive subject. It is only in a relationship of by drawing be instants. Before the together constituted the can that of time subject we 44 return to the first passive synthesis, it is worth taking account of what Deleuze says about time in this regard: my undeterminedexistencecan be determined only within time as the existence of a phenomenon, of a passive, receptive phenomenal subject appearing within time.

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