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The Knocker on Death's Door (Felse, Book 10)

The day after a Gothic door is lower back to its unique position within the Mottisham village church, males are chanced on lifeless. The Welsh villagers, closed and suspicious of outsiders, think their deaths weren't unintentional, yet a part of an old legend that advised of an unrepentant monk who attempted to go into to the church via greedy the door's iron knocker.

No-Body Homicide Cases: A Practical Guide to Investigating, Prosecuting, and Winning Cases When the Victim is Missing

How do you end up anyone is to blame of homicide if there isn't any physique? This sensible advisor for police and prosecutors presents an expansive examine either the background of no-body homicide situations and the easiest easy methods to resolve them and current the case in courtroom. the writer takes readers step-by-step throughout the first days of the murder research notwithstanding the tip of the trial.

Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics (Civil Society)

On 22 April 1993 black youngster Stephen Lawrence was once murdered. His killers have been by no means delivered to justice. A committee of inquiry was once confirmed lower than the chairmanship of Sir William Macpherson to enquire 'the issues bobbing up' from the loss of life of Stephen Lawrence for either the research and the prosecution of racially inspired crimes.

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Without pre-empting events, I would still like to say at this point that the first thing I thought when I heard that Cato Hammer was dead a few hours later was that he hadn’t been such a terrible person after all, in spite of everything. ‘Don’t get so agitated,’ he said to the raging fury. ‘You create distance between people, Kari Thue. Muslims are not the same as Islamists. The world is not like that. You divide us up into —’ ‘Idiot,’ she snapped. ‘I’ve never said or implied anything of the kind.

He was foul-mouthed. A thief, without a shadow of doubt, and I was convinced that he was already well on the way into a destructive cycle of substance abuse. A petty criminal, a little shit who hadn’t yet learned to hide his expression. ‘Are you psychic, or something? How do you know —’ ‘Yes, I am psychic. Now just shut up. ’ He moved his head a fraction. I interpreted this as a no. ’ Geir Rugholmen brought with him a cold draught from outside. Only now did I realize that the large lobby was gradually emptying.

Not very much, but enough to cause pain in one of my shoulders. I was sitting on the left in the carriage, and was the only person in a wheelchair on the entire train. A wall of dirty white was pressing against the window on my side. It struck me that the enormous quantities of snow had saved us; without them the train would have jack-knifed. The cold was debilitating. I had taken off my sweater back in Hønefoss. Now I was sitting here in a thin T-shirt, clutching a baby to my chest as I realized it was snowing into the carriage.

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