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495. 494. Before joining Apple, J o h n Sculley was CEO of Pepsi. w o Bill Gates visited Belgium in February 1998, and was hit in t h e face Microsoft during the ber 1997, while a b o a r d t h e Russian space s t a t i o n Mir.

This processor allowed c o m p u t e r s t o process real-world data, such as sound, h a n d - w r i t t e n and p h o t o images. The Pentium Pro processor. It was designed specifically to fuel 32-bit server and w o r k s t a t i o n applications. The processor e v e n t u a l l y propelled speedy c o m p u t e r - a i d e d design. 1 0 0 1 T E C H F A C T S Seagate ii 6 i U I (J\- 585. The P e n t i u m II Xeon Processor. This processor f e a t u r e s innovations specially designed f o r w o r k s t a t i o n s t h r i v i n g on business applications.

651. Intel c r e a t e d t h e Timna processor in 2001, a low-end p r o d u c t , but it was given a hasty burial a f t e r problems c r o p p e d up w i t h t h e m e m o r y t r a n s l a t o r hub (MTH). The C o m p t o m e t e r was i n v e n t e d by Dorr Felt. It was t h e f i r s t e n t i r e l y keyo p e r a t e d calculating m a c h i n e - a practical adding and listing machine. 6 5 0 . The f i r s t microprocessor to make it into a home c o m p u t e r was the Intel 8 0 8 0 , a c o m p l e t e 8 - b i t c o m p u t e r on one chip, i n t r o d u c e d in 1974.

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